Christmas Gifts with Clan Allen 2016

family-podcastIt’s that time of year again!  This time the whole dam (except my sis) comes on to give 5 gifts for the Firefighter, Nurse, and Police Officer for Christmas.  Bear with us, it turns into a bacchanalia shite show.  Super fun, to have the family on.  A list of gift are below.

Mom: 1.) Tool Kit, 2.) Support Stockings, 3.)Electronic Stethoscope, 4.) Massage/Facial, 5.) Mani/Pedi Tools

Dad: 1.) Red Wing Socks, 2.) Little Larry Light, 3.) Trauma Dressing, 4.) Leatherman, 5.) Luminox Watch

Ryan: 1.) Long Underwear, 2.) Peltor Hearing Protection, 3.) Brooks Brothers Suit, 4.) Bottle of Alcohol, 5.)Sporting Clay Excursion.

Me: 1.) FD Sticker, FD/PD Sticker, Fire Helmet Bottle Opener, 2.) Gremlin Bell, 3.) Children’s FF Turnouts, 4.) King Kong Fire Leather, 5.) Fire Extinguisher Lamp

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