Monthly Archives: April 2013

My best buddy Devan McClaine discusses the recent passing of his Grandmother Ann Armstrong Bauer. We talk about what death and dying mean to the Health Care Worker, and what happens when death hit close to home, quite literally.

428656_10100839222273695_1651326555_nThanks very much for doing this Dev.  You’re braver than I.


Please take the time to listen to a podcast that pays last respects through nostalgia and humor…Classic Traumedy.


Part one with Health Guru, Monique Barragar.  A diet is: “A Four-Letter word,” so says the nutritionalist.  Monique confirms that- Chunky or Smooth- Laura Schudder’s peanut butter, undisputedly, is the best food on earth, and you MUST stir the oil at the top into the jar.  All good things :).  We discuss modern dieting trends, while the boys in the background make an Asian Chicken Salad to die for, but not to die from.


Plus a word on Diabetes with Gentleman and Cowboy, Sir Wilford Brimley.  AND! a segment on extreme diets throughout history.  It’s short and sweet, and a refreshing treat.  ENJOY!