Monthly Archives: November 2016

mri turkeyThis is the second episode in the Cancer series, in which the ENT and Nuero Surgeon describe the joint surgery to “resect” the tumor in Ken’s sinus.   Now, there are surgeons, there are professionals, and then there are these two gentlemen. My life will continue because of their dexterity,diligence and determination..

face-biop instruments-biopWell, shit.  Sometimes the Traumedy us lurking right under your nose…or inside it!

Ken talks about how he has been diagnosed with Esthesioneuro Blastoma; Cancer of the Olfactory Nerve.  It’s growing into the eye, and back up into the brain.   Silver Lining: it’s treatable.

You’ll be able to follow the treatment through the Cancer Series Programs in the next coming weeks.  It wouldn’t be life if I didn’t live it to the fullest and most honest, and it’s just right that I share this adventure with you all, in order to inform you about cancer’s epidemiology, it’s effect on the body, mind, and it’s effect on the people in my life.  Tune in and share.  I promise to give you something worth while.  One Love…Fuck Cancer.