Monthly Archives: December 2014

EMS treeHappy Holidays all.  All to all hope you all get good shite!  Seriously, this season is the gift of giving more than receiving.  Here are 12 gifts that will make the medical person in your life a little happier.  thanks for another fantastic year, and I’ll meet you with more exciting interviews in the New Year!


Here are the links to the items on the podcast:

1.) Syringe Pens

2.) Coffee Cup and Beer Coozy Prescription Bottles

3.) Etsy Medically Themed Gifts

4.) Vintage Medical Posters

5.) EMS Humorous Books

6.) Stethoscope / Massage (find locally, or do personally)

7.) Designer ER Scrubs 

8.) Medical Cabinets and Shelving

9.) Doctor’s Bag

10.) Medical School Research them

11.) Thanks and Good Will to All