Scott Sorenson is a fire captain, and the creating force behind Cardinal Point Advisors, a company dedicated to helping police officers and firefighters navigate the murky waters of worker’s compensation and job related injuries.

He has personal experience struggling through the civil service machine, desperate for prompt effective care on his lingering, worsening back injury.  After his tumult, Captain Sorenson created a program that advises workers towards prompt, quality treatment for their injury, so they may return to good health and the job asap.

If you’ve spent your careers looking out for others, you know how reassuring it is to know Scott is looking out for you.

If You Got It, Use It!

Say man, you got a grandfather like Ken Sr., man?  It’d be a lot cooler if you did. I learned damn near everything necessary for navigating life with a sneer and daring from this man.

Thinking Ken Allen this Christmas. You are remembered and respected every day of my life, and I’m still learning. Merry Christmas Gramps.

It’s that time for Clan Allen to get together, imbibe, and give 5 gifts they would most like for the holidays.  Here they are for you to peruse, per chance to buy yourself, or your favorite caregiver/crime stopper in your life.

Christmas Gifts 2017

1 Yeti Tumbler coffee mug personalized
2 Nurse Jewelry: caduceus
3 Artist Frank Netter/CIBA Collection
4 Battery Powered Pulse Oximeter
5 House Cleaner for a Day/Chef

1 Tactical Knife/Leatherman
2 Uniform Boots
4 Off Duty Firearm Waistband Holster with Magazine Holder
5 Oakley Ballistic Sunglasses/Eye Protection

1 Mirrored Compacts/Pill Holders Heart/
2 Wallet Badge
3 NETTER IPhone Anatomy/Physiology App
4 12v Battery Operated Fire Engine Big Wheel
5 Trip to National Fire Museum

1 Subscription to Vintage Fire Truck Magazine
2 Technu
3 Fixed blade Skinning knife for truckers
5 Blood Stopping Bandages for Home

62295_4620759429891_1882195335_nA quick podcast to celebrate five years of podcasting, and giving thanks to those who stood by me through thick and thicker, and the occasional thin.  Just glad to be alive to spout to your fuckers out there!  Thanks for being a part of my life.   What are you waiting for??? Get busy living!5 and Counting

Back with the spine tinglers.  One of mine, one timeless radio broadcast of Light’s Out, entitled “Chicken Heart.”  Can you feel thew air get thicker?  The walls closing in on you?  The noises in the darkness are only in your head…or are they?  Enjoy and share!  Got it?  Use it!interreview1 1829738_orig



I speak to the city administrators and workers about thew risks of cancer for firefighters, in a rough draft of a speech I hope to perfect shortly for public consumption and awareness.  Please tell me what you think.  Watch yourselves out there, and be the change.  Got it?  Use it.Lect 1 Lect with Flag

How does a hero live their life, day to day?  How do we stave the spread of evil apathy that infects society as they sleep and sit in reclining desk chairs?  Who is there to save us from The Nothing?  Ken Fucking Allen.  That’s who.  You’re welcome.  Mind of Odysseus, Heart of a Lion, Physique of Heracles.  N…B…D…

Live FireBack to the job.  It’s the same, but different as a man-fuaque.  I’m not sure i’m ready for this, yet, I  AM .   Listen and help me here peoples.  If you’ve got it, use it.  Peace, love and sweat!

I wished I looked as cool as the guys around me.  If you want to see them, their graduation date is coming up.  We owe it to these cadets to show up and thank them for taking on the honor and the world on their shoulders.  God Bless the Recruits of 2017-1.

Hey All!  Let’s keep our lives free of any Big C’s.  This podcast is dedicated to all the firefighters saving everyones’ lives, and how they can take a few steps while on fires, and afterwards, to significantly reduce your risk of contracting cancer in their careers, or in retirement.  Please listen, hear and follow up on it.  Ken makes it real easy by following the lyrics of the PSA song at the end of the podcast.  Enjoy and hear the message…it just may save your life.  FRONT HAIR BACK HAIR

WEEK 6Back to Chopping wood.  This week spelled impending doom for Ken.  Aside from the loss of his disability insurance, and impending loss of medical insurance, Ken ponders the possible, additional loss of hearing.  See if you can guess the two movies that Ken plays, where the audio distortion in those scenes come closest to Ken’s hearing loss.  Post your answers to the Facebook page.

– I want a drink.

-The Winner gets to have a drink with Ken.




Back of Head Shot

stateJust a quick rundown of the first week of Radiation, and Ken’s ideas for the New Year.  This was done in the midst of a rainstorm power outage, a fire and flashlight…and the Greatest ZOOM H2n Recorder in the world.  How fitting to power down before the New Year Reboot.  Let’s be each other’s inspiration.

family-podcastIt’s that time of year again!  This time the whole dam (except my sis) comes on to give 5 gifts for the Firefighter, Nurse, and Police Officer for Christmas.  Bear with us, it turns into a bacchanalia shite show.  Super fun, to have the family on.  A list of gift are below.

Mom: 1.) Tool Kit, 2.) Support Stockings, 3.)Electronic Stethoscope, 4.) Massage/Facial, 5.) Mani/Pedi Tools

Dad: 1.) Red Wing Socks, 2.) Little Larry Light, 3.) Trauma Dressing, 4.) Leatherman, 5.) Luminox Watch

Ryan: 1.) Long Underwear, 2.) Peltor Hearing Protection, 3.) Brooks Brothers Suit, 4.) Bottle of Alcohol, 5.)Sporting Clay Excursion.

Me: 1.) FD Sticker, FD/PD Sticker, Fire Helmet Bottle Opener, 2.) Gremlin Bell, 3.) Children’s FF Turnouts, 4.) King Kong Fire Leather, 5.) Fire Extinguisher Lamp

mri turkeyThis is the second episode in the Cancer series, in which the ENT and Nuero Surgeon describe the joint surgery to “resect” the tumor in Ken’s sinus.   Now, there are surgeons, there are professionals, and then there are these two gentlemen. My life will continue because of their dexterity,diligence and determination..

face-biop instruments-biopWell, shit.  Sometimes the Traumedy us lurking right under your nose…or inside it!

Ken talks about how he has been diagnosed with Esthesioneuro Blastoma; Cancer of the Olfactory Nerve.  It’s growing into the eye, and back up into the brain.   Silver Lining: it’s treatable.

You’ll be able to follow the treatment through the Cancer Series Programs in the next coming weeks.  It wouldn’t be life if I didn’t live it to the fullest and most honest, and it’s just right that I share this adventure with you all, in order to inform you about cancer’s epidemiology, it’s effect on the body, mind, and it’s effect on the people in my life.  Tune in and share.  I promise to give you something worth while.  One Love…Fuck Cancer.

Ret. fire chief and instructor at Fire Instruction, located in beautiful Oakdale, CA comes on the podcast to talk about what makes a great commanding officer, an exemplary professor, and an unsung hero.  People, if you have the time GET TO ONE OF THESE CLASSES!  You will thank me for it..JOHN SMITHFullSizeRender-2


Congratulations to all of you new EMT’s!  You’ve made the first step into a whole new world.  Now it’s time to start the real work (and get some bones for taking care of broken bones 😉  We talk about the “unlecturable” material: compassion, concern and communication.  School’s out, work’s in, be the EMT you would want working on your family.  Then have a beer. and watch Mother, Jugs and Speed with a grain of salt… and maybe another cold one.  Love you guys.8833151

Sometimes, we are able to be the heroes we always wanted to be.  In the podcast, Ken talks about his latest vehicle rescue call, and the excellence of the crews that responded on that call.  It is truly an honor to work amongst heroes, who perform with excellence day in and day out.  God bless the crews.  IMG_1644

Unknown     Welcome back, Traumedy Pack:  As it was spoken, it’s back for another week.  A quick lecture on the CPAP device, when to use it and when not to, As well as a brief explanation of adequate vs. inadequate breathing.  Pass it along to the newbies and through bees. The songs for this podcast can be captured via your phone’s device’s apps.  These are my favorite songs, so please give them a purchase.

ORCHID      After the first unsuccessful attempt to record my lecture, I talk about why teaching is so important to me.  It discuss how the students have made my life as an emergency care provider better, and why every red blooded human being should take an EMT course.  Its a crash course on car crashes; its a fly by night attempt to understand dreams; it’s a gift from life to be in someone’s life.  It’s an orchid that grows in the hole of a cut off limb of the tree of life.  If you love something, then give it water and a space to grow, and you will be amazed at your outcome.  Love Y’all.  Keep up the good work.

Former Air Force Pararescue, and current Guardian Angel, Sundance Scardino talks about what makes a man decide to return to one of the toughest, craziest, compassionate jobs in modern society and warfare.  On his OFF TIME, he’s a fire/medic, when he’s on a mission… Listen and find out.  Sit back, enjoy, marvel and be inspired.

And to donate to Sundance’s cause to Combat Leukemia and Lymphoma, click here.  If you got it, use.


It’s that time of year again.  Peace Officer Elite and my Bro returns to the podcast to talk about what all police officers, and tactical badasses would REALLY like in their stocking for the holidays.  I talk about 5 gifts to give to the firefighter in your life.  If you’re stuck trying to think what to give the emergency professional in your life, listen up!  Some great ideas from cheap to grand!  Happy Holidays from the Traumedy Podcast!

Links to the presents mentioned:

For ballistic vests and concealed carry holsters:

Haley Strategic

US Cavalry

Tactical Tailor

Tactical and Firefighter Training Class:

Pat McNamara         Fire Academy

Silicone Wedding Ring:

Galo Rings

Fire Themed Presents:

Helmet Light           LED Belt Light

Fire Helmet              Memory Foam Pillow

Union Store (see your local union)


imagesUnknownIT’S that time again all you  SCARE-AMEDICS and NURSE CRACKTICIANERS!  Another chance to be scared out of your O.R. scrubs while working the graveyard shift.   I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it.  Keep listening, and if you feel that cold breath on your neck while listening, don’t turn it up, run!!

IMG_9271Heart Attack Survivor- Patti Thatcher- comes on to talk about her harrowing adventures!.  She has as first hand account dealing with a life threatening emergency, and the crews and staff that helped her through it (pssst: one of them was Ken).

Remember, listen to your body, ask for help and remain calm, even when hospital staff cut off your favorite bra!!!!



Just wiped from all the physical and emotional stresses of the job?  What brings it on?  WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PATIENTS????  Do you have the patience to deal with them?  How can we get through burnout without burning out?  Ken doesn’t know the answers to any of these questions, but it doesn’t stop him from chiming in.  It’s good to be back.  Thanks for listening.


IMG_7589 Engineer, Nutrion guru and Crossfit extraordinaire- Rich Seadler- wakes the podcast up with a BANG from a Winter mini-hibernation.  Yes, we’re back, and we’ve just been planning our next attack.  Tune in and listen to us rattle on about resolutions to become bigger, better, and boastfuller.  Always a joy to                hang with this guy.  IMG_7591

EMS treeHappy Holidays all.  All to all hope you all get good shite!  Seriously, this season is the gift of giving more than receiving.  Here are 12 gifts that will make the medical person in your life a little happier.  thanks for another fantastic year, and I’ll meet you with more exciting interviews in the New Year!


Here are the links to the items on the podcast:

1.) Syringe Pens

2.) Coffee Cup and Beer Coozy Prescription Bottles

3.) Etsy Medically Themed Gifts

4.) Vintage Medical Posters

5.) EMS Humorous Books

6.) Stethoscope / Massage (find locally, or do personally)

7.) Designer ER Scrubs 

8.) Medical Cabinets and Shelving

9.) Doctor’s Bag

10.) Medical School Research them

11.) Thanks and Good Will to All

A look at some strategies that have helped- and continue to help- me to be a professional in healthcare.  Swish them around in your brain pan for a minute, get a flavor for them, and if you like it, let them trickle down your psyche.  I hope you find these tips helpful.  and if you have some tips of your own, share them.  We’d love to read them on the Podcast.


This guy made my nights and days for decades.  He was part of the family.  He’s is already missed in my heart, and the world’s.  Please, when you are lost, look up Joelle Melitis, or Chris Warren, or any suicide hotline, or help group.  Keep your genius alive.  good-morning-vietnam-robin-williams-102620_383_479

Former Air Force Pararescue, and current Guardian Angel, Sundance Scardino talks about what makes a man decide to return to one of the toughest, craziest, compassionate jobs in modern society and warfare.  On his OFF TIME, he’s a fire/medic, when he’s on a mission… Listen and find out.  Sit back, enjoy, marvel and be inspired.

And to donate to Sundance’s cause to Combat Leukemia and Lymphoma, click here.  If you got it, use.


Chris Warren, founder of Fist Responder One, talks about his Foundation, dedicated to helping First Responders in dealing with critical stress and Post Traumatic Stress Injuries.  Sailing photoUrban ShieldWith a little help from his friends, Chris will be funding care for police officers, firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, even Park Rangers; who want clinical treatment.  Amazing man!  If you’re interested in helping, leave a message here.  And keep the care on the air!

Wcredo.stefaniTony Stefani, San Francisco Fire Captain, President of the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation, and star of HBO’s Documentary, Toxic Hot Seat,  speaks one-on-one about battling cancer, building a foundation to help firefighters battling the disease, fighting against Big Chemical in Washington, the event “Give Toxics the Boot,” on March 26th, and gives a ‘how to’ on how to be an all around badass.  Please pass this along to your firefighter friends and family.  It just might save their life.

Click on the links for more information regarding the HBO Documentary Toxic Hot Seat and the upcoming event on March 26th, “Give Toxics the Boot.”







IMG_1427 IMG_1442 GalapagosHappy New Year, and Happy birthday Traumedy Podcast.  We look back on the first year of the podcast, make a few New Years suggestions, and talk about what’s coming up for this little slice of goodness called Traumedy.  Thanks for being the best audience in the world.   Don’t tell the others, but you’re my favorite.  Send me your suggestions for who you want me to interview, and what you want me to talk about.  It’s gonna be a great year!!!  Tell Everybody!  Andf if you got it, use it!


Amy Monahan comes on the podcast to talk about surviving and thriving after her harrowing high speed freeway accident earlier this year.  She describes the physical and psychological injuries in detail, and tells how she is slowly recovering through her indomitable spirit, and a little help from her friends and family.  It’s something to be inspired by, and a reminder to be thankful, during this holiday season.IMG_5324IMG_5327

Here’s a frightening tale to enjoy on All Hallow’s Eve.  “The Hearing,” A chilling, spine-tingler about a medic who doesn’t exactly follow the Hippocratic Oath when it comes to some of his patients.  Beware, he just might be out there tonight when you’re most vulnerable.  Happy Halloween everyone.  Mmmuuuaaaahhh—–Ha-Ha-Haaaaah!skeleton-with-stethoscope-pasieka

Part 2 with Psychologist Joelle Maletis.  LISTEN, Counseling and psycho-analysis is the sanest thing you can do to fix a problem you can’t see your way around.  Seek out the answers!!!!  We discuss who and where to find self-help.

Also, Joelle discusses the issues facing families and relationships involving military and para-military professionals.  She gives some great pointers on how to communicate with your spouse, and how to keep the spice in the stew, and not bubbling over into the fire.  Sit down and simmer with us, Son!   jo2


Psychologist Joelle Maletis sits down for a one-on-one to talk about the stresses faced by people in military and paramilitary professions.  She discusses the short and long term stresses that make high stakes careers that can bleed into one’s personal life, as it so often does.  If you need a drink, HOLD OFF! Listen to this segment first.  You’ll be doing yourself a solid.

F1.medium The-Knife-Man-9780767916530 













 Wendy Moore, author of The Knife Man: Blood, Body Snatching, and the Birth of Modern Surgery, joins us for a one-on-one interview, to discuss Dr. John Hunter, the famous surgeon, anatomist, naturalist and medical pioneer of the 1800 Century.

Ms. Moore explains what it is about Hunter’s practices and persona that have stood that test of time and rivals, and has granted him a place in the annals of Medicine.

Enjoy as we meet and speak with the author, under who’s eloquent mind and direction, the gruff, bloody, brilliant work of Hunter’s comes to life.   

The Knife Man and Moore’s other two novels, Wedlock  and  How to Create the Perfect Wife are on sale now in bookstores and through the internet (  Buy a copy for everyone at the hospital, staff members and Staph Members, alike.



Hola, Buenas de San Sebastian, Spain!  My Good Friend Josh Smith comes on the podcast to discuss life, his last year living in Spain, and the attainment of his Master’s Degree, dealing with Medical Response Practices in- and Training for- Mass Casualty Incidents.  Sit back, have a nice glass of red wine, and enjoy this international podcast.  Salud!


Extra! Extra!  A special Bonus Episode for the firefighters of San Jose.  Four candidates in the upcoming election, Scott Trabert, Patrick Chung, Leia Fazio, and Richard Folia, explain why they have what it takes to hold office in the union.  Listen up, and make the educated decision.  God Bless America, and especially, you heroes in San Jose!

My best buddy Devan McClaine discusses the recent passing of his Grandmother Ann Armstrong Bauer. We talk about what death and dying mean to the Health Care Worker, and what happens when death hit close to home, quite literally.

428656_10100839222273695_1651326555_nThanks very much for doing this Dev.  You’re braver than I.


Please take the time to listen to a podcast that pays last respects through nostalgia and humor…Classic Traumedy.


Part one with Health Guru, Monique Barragar.  A diet is: “A Four-Letter word,” so says the nutritionalist.  Monique confirms that- Chunky or Smooth- Laura Schudder’s peanut butter, undisputedly, is the best food on earth, and you MUST stir the oil at the top into the jar.  All good things :).  We discuss modern dieting trends, while the boys in the background make an Asian Chicken Salad to die for, but not to die from.


Plus a word on Diabetes with Gentleman and Cowboy, Sir Wilford Brimley.  AND! a segment on extreme diets throughout history.  It’s short and sweet, and a refreshing treat.  ENJOY!





Hey All!

Are you like me and sit around, thinking about where certain drugs came from?  In this episode, we “Shed Light,” on the origins of Quinine, Viagra, and the mystery eyelash drug in the installment I call: “Scare Your Co-workers, Shout It Out!”


PLUS!  We’re now on Stitcher Radio and iTunes!   Go check us out!!~!!!!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.  Write some thing below, on Facebook, iTunes, or give me a call.

“Well Doc., my heart don’t hurt, but guess what is sore?” -Experimental Angina Pectoris Medication Patient.


FHPoster02 NANCYN~1
Director/Producer  Gene Starzenski joins the podcast to talk about his documentary, “Freedom House: Street Saviors.”  Gene explains the creation of the first paramedic organization in the U.S., and relates how his intrigue and appreciation for the Freedom House Medics ultimately led to the creation of a film that would illuminate and honor their heroic endeavor.

Join us at the Roxie, February 26 for a showing of the

documentary, followed by a Q&A with Gene.  Get more info at:

For ticket info, go to:

Check it out, friends!  I’ll see you at the Roxie.




Megan CorryMegan digs deeper into the bowels of the EMS machine, rips out its guts and holds the glistening entrails up for us to see, dissect and understand.  She talks about the “Golden Days” of San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Ambulance Fleet.  In the end, she leaves us with hope and inspiration to pursue a career fraught with terror and beauty.  Enjoy