Monthly Archives: December 2017

Say man, you got a grandfather like Ken Sr., man?  It’d be a lot cooler if you did. I learned damn near everything necessary for navigating life with a sneer and daring from this man.

Thinking Ken Allen this Christmas. You are remembered and respected every day of my life, and I’m still learning. Merry Christmas Gramps.

It’s that time for Clan Allen to get together, imbibe, and give 5 gifts they would most like for the holidays.  Here they are for you to peruse, per chance to buy yourself, or your favorite caregiver/crime stopper in your life.

Christmas Gifts 2017

1 Yeti Tumbler coffee mug personalized
2 Nurse Jewelry: caduceus
3 Artist Frank Netter/CIBA Collection
4 Battery Powered Pulse Oximeter
5 House Cleaner for a Day/Chef

1 Tactical Knife/Leatherman
2 Uniform Boots
4 Off Duty Firearm Waistband Holster with Magazine Holder
5 Oakley Ballistic Sunglasses/Eye Protection

1 Mirrored Compacts/Pill Holders Heart/
2 Wallet Badge
3 NETTER IPhone Anatomy/Physiology App
4 12v Battery Operated Fire Engine Big Wheel
5 Trip to National Fire Museum

1 Subscription to Vintage Fire Truck Magazine
2 Technu
3 Fixed blade Skinning knife for truckers
5 Blood Stopping Bandages for Home

62295_4620759429891_1882195335_nA quick podcast to celebrate five years of podcasting, and giving thanks to those who stood by me through thick and thicker, and the occasional thin.  Just glad to be alive to spout to your fuckers out there!  Thanks for being a part of my life.   What are you waiting for??? Get busy living!5 and Counting