5 Best Presents for the Firefighter, Nurse, Paramedic, and Police Officer

It’s that time for Clan Allen to get together, imbibe, and give 5 gifts they would most like for the holidays.  Here they are for you to peruse, per chance to buy yourself, or your favorite caregiver/crime stopper in your life.

Christmas Gifts 2017

1 Yeti Tumbler coffee mug personalized
2 Nurse Jewelry: caduceus
3 Artist Frank Netter/CIBA Collection
4 Battery Powered Pulse Oximeter
5 House Cleaner for a Day/Chef

1 Tactical Knife/Leatherman
2 Uniform Boots
4 Off Duty Firearm Waistband Holster with Magazine Holder
5 Oakley Ballistic Sunglasses/Eye Protection

1 Mirrored Compacts/Pill Holders Heart/
2 Wallet Badge
3 NETTER IPhone Anatomy/Physiology App
4 12v Battery Operated Fire Engine Big Wheel
5 Trip to National Fire Museum

1 Subscription to Vintage Fire Truck Magazine
2 Technu
3 Fixed blade Skinning knife for truckers
5 Blood Stopping Bandages for Home

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